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1 Day Rwenzori Expedition

1 Day Rwenzori Expedition : Get on an exciting adventure of trekking experience that starts at Trekkers Hostel Kyanjuki, located 12 kilometers away from the town of Kasese, just beyond the Kilembe Copper mines. Advisable, set off time is between 8:30 am and 10:00 am to make the most of your adventure. Upon arrival, meet your guides for a briefing. Your journey begins with a gentle 2.2-kilometer walk to the UWA rangers post, situated at an elevation of 1,727 meters. The walk involves navigating through the montane forest with a variety of flora and fauna species, from long towering trees to different primate species and birds.

As you ascend, the walk becomes slightly steeper which leads you to a ridge leading to the Omusita Rest Spot. This point marks the success of your trek at 2,373 meters and serves as the beginning of trails descending from Samalira Camp.

1 Day Rwenzori Expedition
1 Day Rwenzori Expedition

Your journey will be full of untapped nature adventures including crossing streams, walking through valleys amidst tall trees and you might be fortunate enough to spot these beautiful creatures.

Going further, the trail along the Nyamwamba River’s edge, granting you views of the river and the captivating forests that flourish along its banks. A narrower trail takes you down to the water’s edge, providing opportunities to observe Kingfishers and other water-dwelling birds. As the journey continues, the trees become more gigantic. Luckily, you may see a group of 10 to 15 black and white Colobus monkeys gracefully on the treetops and chimpanzee nest making your experience worth it. This will conclude the highlight of your 1 Day Mount Rwenzori Hiking Expedition.

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