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2 Days Rwenzori Summit

2 Days Rwenzori Summit : The expedition starts off at Trekkers Hostel Kyanjuki, located just 12 kilometers from Kasese town, beyond the Kilembe Copper mines. To make the most of your adventure, setting off between 8:30 am and 10:00 am is recommended. On arrival, your journey kicks off with a briefing from your  guides and a 2.2-kilometer walk to the UWA rangers post, located at an elevation of 1,727 meters.

Day 1: Ascend to Sine Camp (Elevation: 2596 meters)

Walk through  the valley floor, amidst Afro Montane Forest Zone. The initial six-kilometer stretch involves a gradual climb, followed by a steep climb after crossing a river, leading you to Sine Camp. The forest covers you with its tall trees, and melodies of diverse bird species and occasionally offering glimpses of blue monkeys amidst the trees. A  200 meters from Sine Hut lies Enock’s Falls, a captivating sight of green lichen growth.

Sine Camp, situated at an elevation of 2,596 meters, welcomes you with wooden huts found among towering forest trees on a narrow ridge. Here, you can dive into the forest’s beauty while gazing upon a mesmerizing series of rapids and waterfalls. Some travelers opt to gather around the campfire, engaging in conversations with the guides about mountain and local life.

2 Days Rwenzori Summit
Sine Camp

Sine Camp lies just beneath the bamboo zone, acting as a zone for you to view different bird species. A short stroll of 150 meters from the camp unveils the enchanting Enock Falls.

Day 2: Descend to Basecamp (Elevation: 1450 meters)

Following a heavy  breakfast, your activities for the day begin according to your choice of campsite. Should you have spent the night at Kalalama Camp, the calls of the Rwenzori Turaco. These birds are particularly fond of nesting amidst the abundant Giant Heathers. Descending  the left-sloping trail leads to Enock Falls, where you will be captivated by the  waters set against the  forest.

The move  through this forest showcases a diverse range of birdlife and beautiful bamboo groves, as well as trees adorned with spectacular vines.

Alternatively, if your night was spent at Sine Camp, you can choose to directly descend through the forest or ascend to Kalalama Camp to get views before heading back to the park entrance and the welcoming Trekkers Hostel.

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