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3 Days Loop Trek

3 Days Loop Trek : Indulge yourself on a 3-day trek filled with natural beauty. Your journey starts at Trekkers Hostel Kyanjuki, which is about 12 kilometers from Kasese town, past the Kilembe Copper mines. A great time to begin is around 8:30 am, but you can even set off as late as 10 am. After meeting your  guides and receiving some important information, you will commence your hike by walking 2.2 kilometers to the UWA rangers post situated at 1,727 meters above sea level.

Day 1: Trek to Sine Camp (Elevation: 2596 meters)

The first day involves hiking up a valley floor surrounded by tall trees in the Afro Montane Forest Zone. It is like a gentle uphill stroll for the first six kilometers. After crossing a river, there is a steeper climb leading you to Sine Camp. This forest is home to tall trees, countless birds, and you might even catch a glimpse of blue monkeys darting around. At Sine Hut, just 200 meters away, you will find Enock’s Falls. This is a picturesque spot where green lichen adorns the trees, creating a lovely background for a memorable photo.

Sine Camp, located at 2,596 meters elevation, offers wooden huts nestled among the tall forest trees on a narrow ridge. You can enjoy the forest’s beauty while looking out over the waterfall and rapid-filled valley.

Some people prefer to sit outside by the campfire, engaging in friendly chats with guides who share tales of the mountains and local life. Sine Camp is below the bamboo zone with various bird species. A walk of  150 meters from the camp lies the captivating Enock Falls, surrounded by  green plants and hanging vines a truly remarkable sight.

Day 2: Hike to Samalira Camp (Elevation: 3170 meters)

Begin from Sine Camp, your journey continues by ascending through bamboo forests. These forests are steep but incredibly beautiful . As you climb through the upper part of the bamboo zone, you will encounter mixed forest patches bearing fruits and berries that attract a variety of birds. The calls of the Rwenzori Turaco, a bird with striking crimson wings which will live you in amazement.

3 Days Loop Trek
Samalira Camp

Around 3,000 meters in altitude, you will enter the Heather zone where Giant Heather trees stand tall at 15 meters in height. At 3,147 meters, you will then find Kalalama Camp, which offers splendid valley views and even a glimpse of Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park. From here, ascend a mossy ridge before descending to the Samalira Camp, found in a small dip with scenic views.

Day3: Descend to Basecamp (Elevation: 1450 meters)

On the last day, you will descend through bamboo forests and return to the Afro Montane Forest Zone, encountering various birds and primates along the way. Just below Omusita Rest Area, you can choose to continue straight down or take a left to slope down to a trail along the Nyamwamba River. The beauty of the trees and forest here is stunning. This trail leads you back to the park entrance and, ultimately, back to the basecamp.

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