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4 Days Mutinda Lookout Adventure

4 Days Mutinda Lookout Adventure at 3975 Metres : 4 days trek starting from Trekkers Hostel Kyanjuki, just 12 kilometers from Kasese town past Kilembe Copper mines. The best time to start is around 8:30 am, though you can set off as late as 10 am. Your friendly guides will meet you for a briefing, and you will begin by walking 2.2 kilometers to the UWA rangers post at 1,727 meters elevation.

Day 1: Hike to Sine Camp (Elevation: 2596 meters)

On Day 1, you will hike up a valley floor surrounded by tall forest trees in the Afro Montane Forest Zone. The climb is gentle, and you might spot blue monkeys and even groups of black and white Colobus monkeys swinging in the treetops. Keep an ear out for the calls of the rare L’Hoest monkey, which is quite special to the local Bukonzo culture. Enock’s Falls, just 200 meters from Sine Hut, offers a stunning backdrop for memories.

Sine Camp, at 2,596 meters, features wooden huts among tall trees on a narrow ridge. From here, you can enjoy the Afro Montane forest’s beauty while gazing at a mesmerizing waterfall far below. Some people enjoy sitting by the campfire, chatting with guides about mountain life. Sine Camp rests beneath the bamboo zone and is home to numerous bird species. Enock Falls, a mere 150 meters from the camp, is surrounded by vivid green vegetation and hanging vines—a breathtaking sight. If you are up for it, you can hike to Kalama Camp at 3,134 meters for fantastic views before reaching Mutinda Camp.

Day 2: Hike to Mutinda Camp (Elevation: 3588 meters)

After a heavy breakfast at around 8:30 am, your trek starts through the Bamboo-Mimulopsis Zone, where you will meet some steep sections. The bamboo zone can be muddy and slippery in the wet season. At Kalalama Camp, 3,147 meters high, then you can rest and have tea or coffee before heading to Mutinda Camp. The trail takes you up and over small knolls along a ridge, crossing streams and passing by moss-covered waterfalls. You will climb alongside a mossy river, surrounded by Giant Heather trees. Mutinda Camp near a small river and waterfall offers a chance to freshen up. In the afternoon, you can climb to Mutinda which is at an elevation  of 3,975 meters for stunning views and to acclimate to the altitude.

4 Days Mutinda Lookout Adventure
Mutinda Camp

Day 3: Hike to Kiharo Camp (Elevation: 3460 meters)

Begin the day by climbing a rocky riverbed, crossing bogs, and climbing to the top of a high waterfall. Descend through Hunwicks Pass, passing peaks like Twin Peaks and spotting hawks and eagles nesting on cliffs. After passing through a bog with lobelia plants, you will reach Kiharo Camp. A high waterfall, about 200 meters away, cascades down mossy rocks—a sight worth seeing.

Day 4: Descend to Basecamp (Elevation: 1450 meters)

The trail downhill through Nyamwamba valley offers views of moss covered rocks, waterfalls, and forests. It is a stunning part of the trek that shows the best of the Rwenzori Mountains. You will pass by clear areas where you might spot Duikers and have the option to walk down the river. The forest with its beautiful greenery and wildlife, from birds to primates, creating an exciting adventure.

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