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6 Day Of Conquering New Heights

6 Day Of Conquering New Heights (Trekking The Bamwanjara Pass)

Trip Highlights

Day 1: Trek to UWA rangers point

Day 2: Trek to Sine Hut

Day 3:  Summit to Mutinda camp

Day 4: Summit to Bugata camp

Day 5: Descend to Kiharo camp

Day 6: Base camp and end of your adventure

Trip in details

Embark on the 6-Day Trek to Bamwanjara Pass at 4550m offering an unforgettable journey, with the choice to summit Weismann’s Peak at 4620m or explore the  Kitandara Lakes region.

Day 1: Starting Strong

Start your trek at Trekkers Hostel Kyanjuki, a mere 12 kilometers from Kasese town, beyond Kilembe Copper mines. Commencing around 8:30 am is ideal, though 10 am is also flexible. Meet your guides for a briefing and then embark on a 2.2km walk to the UWA Rangers post at 1,727 meters.

Day 2: Trek to Sine Hut

The journey commences with a gentle hike through the Afro Montane Forest Zone, surrounded by towering trees, full of vitality and the possibility of spotting blue monkeys. On a lucky day, you might even hear wild chimpanzees. Keep an eye out for the L’Hoest monkey, culturally significant and protected. Enock’s falls, a mere 200 meters from Sine Hut, presents an enchanting opportunity for picturesque memories.

6 Day Of Conquering New Heights
Sine Hut

Day 3: Summit to Mutinda  Camp

Embark on a hike to Mutinda Camp, reaching 3588 meters. Walk through the Bamboo and Heather-Rapanea Zone, navigating through streams. Fall in love with a variety of plant species, including Giant Heather trees adorned with Usnea lichen. Mutinda Camp near a river and waterfall awaits. Optionally, ascend Mutinda Lookout at 3975 meters, covering 6.1km over 6 to 8 hours.

Day 4: Ascend to Bugata camp

The trail to Bugata Camp at 4100 meters can be muddy, but wise  stepping eases the journey. The Mutinda valley showcases enchanting flora, including Giant Lobelias. The Namusangi Valley offers you breathtaking views before the steady climb to Bugata Camp. The camp offers spectacular views of Lake Kopello, Lake Africa, and Lake Kanganyika. Keep an eye out for the unique Red Forest Duiker. Ela baying and covering over 4.9km, the ascent spans from 3,588 to 4,100 meters.

Day 5: Trek to Kiharo camp

One can either choose to summit Weismann’s Peak or visiting the Kitandara Lakes valley. Witness the Malachite Sunbird in its home, surrounded by lobelia flowers. The descent leads to Kiharo Camp for the night.

Day 6: Descend to the base camp

The final trek takes you from Kiharo Camp to the park gate, covering 12.2km and further 2.8km leading you to Trekkers Hostel. Allow 5 to 8 hours for this scenic descent through Nyamwamba Valley, characterized by waterfalls, valleys, and forests that reveal Rwenzori’s beauty. Ending your adventure to the world’s mystical challenge.

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