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9 Days Adventure to Magherita

9 Days Adventure to Magherita : Indulge yourself in a 9-day trek, conquering peaks: Margherita Peak (5,109m) and Mt. Baker (4,844m), along with Mt. Speke (4,890m) and Weismann’s Peak (4,620m) on the descent.

Day 1: Base Camp Briefing and Trek to Sine Camp (2,596m)

Begin your adventure with a briefing at the base camp situated at 1,450 meters. Continue your ascent, aiming to rest at Sine Camp (2,596m). The day’s elevation gain of 1,146 meters.

Day 2: Trek to Mutinda Camp (3,588m)

Get a trek to Mutinda Camp (3,588m), with an elevation of 1092 meters in altitude. Enjoy the opportunity to ascend Mutinda Lookout (3,975m) in the afternoon with its breathtaking scenic views  which gives you a hint of the next summit which is at 4,620 meters.

Day 3: Trek to Bugata Camp (4,100m)

Embark on a challenging yet exciting trek to Bugata Camp (4,100m). Walk through a valley bestowed with beautiful plant species, meandering streams, and waterfalls.

Day 4: Trek to Hunwick’s Camp (3,974m) via Bamwanjara Pass (4,450m)

Embark your journey to Hunwick’s Camp (3,974m) through the Bamwanjara Pass (4,450m) and encounter it’s beautiful sceneries.

Day 5: Trek to Margherita Camp (4,485m)

Journey to Margherita Camp (4,485m), a route that leads you across the valley floor next to the stunning Lake Kitandara ascend through Scoot Elliot Pass to reach the camp.

9 Days Adventure to Magherita
Margherita Camp

Day 6: Summit Margherita Peak (5,109m)

Start your summit of Mt. Stanley at 2:00 am, ascend through glaciers to Margherita Peak’s elevation at 5,109 meters and descend to Bujuku Caves for a night’s rest.

Day 7:  Ascent to Mt. Speke (4,890m) and Return to Hunwicks Camp

Summit Mt. Speke (4,890m), a trek made of 10 kilometers. Retreat to Hunwicks Camp (3,974m) to rest.

Day 8: Descent to Kiharo Camp (3,640m) via Oliver’s Pass

Embark on a descent to Kiharo Camp (3,640m) through Oliver’s Pass, a 12-kilometer trail where you get a chance to encounter beautiful nature sceneries.

Day 9: Descend to Basecamp in Kilembe

Conclude your journey through, ultimately returning to the basecamp in Kilembe. Participate in a debriefing session, cherishing memories of your unforgettable adventure.

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