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Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most interesting wildlife encounters a tourist can experience while visiting Uganda. This activity is a highlight in three destinations of Uganda including Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo Forest in the Southeastern part of Murchison Falls National Park, Kalinzu, and Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. However, of all these destinations, Kibale Forest National Park is certainly an ideal destination for visitors seeking an authentic chimpanzee trekking experience in Africa. The park is also considered the world’s primate capital as it offers the highest concentration of Chimpanzees and boasts 12 other primate species including colombus monkeys, and baboons.

In the animal kingdom, Chimpanzees are presumed to be our closest relatives sharing with us approximately 98.7% of their DNA. Physically covered with black hair, these fascinating creatures, just like humans, also possess a bare face, palms, fingers, feet, and toes. They are unique through their expressive communication and dynamic social structures. An encounter with them in their natural habitat as they interact with each other offers a valuable and rewarding experience.

Chimpanzee tracking involves walking in these rainforests in search for chimpanzee families following designated routes based on their locations as guided by park rangers. Before chimpanzee tracking, chimpanzees are first habituated to ensure they are familiar with visitors. This process is called chimpanzee habituation. It is done daily by park rangers and takes about two years to fully habituate these chimpanzees and make them used to human presence. As any ideal primate, we protect our spaces and those we love so it is only natural to run and be protective when we see an invader. Likewise, these primates are no different, it is therefore important to prepare the chimpanzees for human presence to increase the chances of encountering these creatures in these rainforests. Currently in Kibale Forest National Park, the chances of finding chimpanzees during chimpanzee tracking are 99%!

Chimpanzee tracking usually takes 2-5 hours depending on the location of these chimpanzee families, routes taken and season tracking is done. Visitors enjoy the trek as they navigate the rainforests in hot pursuit of chimpanzees. They get to enjoy and capture breathtaking views of trees and terrain as they enjoy nature walks until our eyes land on the prize! A chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee tracking

A quick scan in the vicinity and following this chimpanzee in the rainforest leads you to its family. Chimpanzees are social primates and live in families so the chances of finding just one are close to none. They exist in social classes called families, where they exist with their young ones. Visitors may observe the old male chimps exercising their physical dominance, and young ones happily swinging and jumping from one tree to another. It is interesting to witness these primates display their affection, territorial disputes, playing, and feeding habits.

Visitors are usually allowed an hour to observe them and how they interact with each other in their natural environment. In this hour, visitors can watch, and take videos and photos to capture memories that they can take with them wherever they go!

Chimpanzee tracking is safe, and children aged 15 years and above can participate in this activity accompanied by a park ranger. We recommend you plan with your tour operator to organize your safari, and book permits and accommodation in advance. For an enjoyable experience, visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable and protective outdoor clothing with hiking shoes and alas, let the jungle paint the story!

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forrest National Park is a breathtaking adventure and a must-experience when you travel to Uganda. Talk to us www.wildlife-encounters and we will plan your stress-free safari and ensure you have a memorable experience with your friends and family.

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