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Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park is also one of the largest national parks in the southern part of Tanzania and it is home to various wildlife species. The park was formerly known as Selous Game Reserve and is among the destinations where wildlife species can be encountered during safaris.

Nyerere National Park has various attractions that visitors can experience, and these include River Rufiji which flows through the national park. Tourists can also spot different wildlife and bird species during tours around the national park.

Activities to do around Nyerere National Park

Activities which can be carried out during safaris around Nyerere National Park include the following;

  • Game drives

Game drives around Nyerere National Park involve the search for different wildlife species in the morning and afternoon.

Wildlife species that can be encountered during game drives in Nyerere National Park include buffalos, reedbucks waterbucks, bushbucks, sable antelopes, lions, elands, zebras, cheetahs, impalas and many others which can be spotted in different parts of the national park.

Tourists can also enjoy watching predators like lions, cheetahs among others during game drives around Nyerere National Park.

  • Walking safaris

Tourists can also enjoy walking safaris around Nyerere National Park during their wildlife safaris exploration around the park.

During the walking safaris, tourists can explore different parts of Nyerere National Park on foot with ranger guides and get a close wildlife viewing experience around the destination. This nature walk experience is exciting due to the remoteness of the national park making it an exciting safari experience.

  • Boat rides

Boat rides can be conducted around Nyerere National Park and the activity takes place along River Rufiji where different wildlife and bird species can be encountered during safaris.

In the morning tourists can engage in boat rides in Nyerere National Park on River Rufiji, and in the afternoon participate in game viewing of various wildlife species by the shores such as buffalos, hippos as well as different bird species.

Nyerere National Park
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Best time to visit Nyerere National Park

Safaris around Nyerere National Park are carried out throughout the year with the dry season considered the best time to visit the destination.

The dry season in Nyerere National Park is experienced during June to October and tourists can also visit the destination in the wet season from March to May and in November.

How to get to Nyerere National Park

Tourists can get to Nyerere National Park by driving from Dar es Salaam or by flights from Julius Nyerere International Airport to one of the airstrips in the national park and these include Mtemere Airstrip, Sumbazi airstrip, Siwandu airstrip, beho beho Airstrip among others depending on your accommodation in or around Nyerere National Park.

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