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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park : Serengeti is the oldest and most famous national park in Tanzania. It is one of the largest safari parks in the northern part of the country and tourists enjoy exploring this destination because of its abundant wildlife.

Serengeti National Park is home to a variety of wildlife species including the big five – elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards, and rhinos that can be spotted around the different parts of the park.

While visiting Serengeti National Park, tourists have a chance to see the wildebeest migration which takes place annually. During the wildebeest migration in Tanzania, over two million wildebeests can be witnessed across the savannah plains of the national park.

Activities to do in Serengeti National Park

Various activities can be carried out during safaris around Serengeti National Park and they include the following;

  • Game drives

Game drives in Serengeti National Park take place in the morning and in the evening and tourists can explore the different parts of the destination during their safaris.

Some of the wildlife species that can be encountered in the north, south, central and western parts of Serengeti National Park include wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, gazelles, impalas, lions, leopards, buffalos, waterbucks, hartebeests, hippos, warthogs, hyenas, elands, topi, bushbucks and many others.

Serengeti National Park can also be explored for full-day game drives which allow tourists to see many wildlife species and spend more time in the wild.

  • Hot air balloon safaris

Balloon safaris in Serengeti National Park can be organized in different parts of the national park and are usually done early in the morning over the savannah plains where tourists can enjoy an aerial view of the park and various wildlife species.

Serengeti National Park
Hot Air Balloon
  • Nature walks

Nature walks can also be organized when visiting Serengeti National Park and tourists can enjoy walking in the savannah plains of the park on foot as well as encounter wildlife species such as zebras, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes among others.

  • Bird watching

Bird-watching excursions can be organized alongside wildlife safaris during safaris in Serengeti National Park. Some of the bird species found in the national park include secretary birds, the kori bustard, and grey crowned cranes among others.

Best time for safaris in Serengeti National Park

Safaris in Serengeti National Park happen throughout the year since the destination offers amazing wildlife viewing experiences.

The best time for safaris in Serengeti National Park is from June to October when wildlife species can easily be spotted around the park. To see the wildebeest migration at the park, tourists can visit from December to September in different parts of Serengeti.

How to access Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park can be accessed by driving for about 8 hours from Arusha or flying from Kilimanjaro International Airport or Arusha Airport to different airstrips in Serengeti such as Seronera Airstrip, Kogatende Airstrip among others.

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