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Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park is another part of Tsavo National Park which is also among the large national parks in southern Kenya. Attractions found in Tsavo West National Park include lava flows, Mzima springs as well as wildlife species like the big five, hippos, impalas, gazelles, kudu, oryx, zebras, dik dik, maneless lions, cheetahs, baboons, vervet monkeys among others.

Tsavo West National Park is known for the elephants which appear red because of being covered in the red dust found in the park.

Other attractions found in Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park include the Athi river, Aruba dam, Lugard falls, Voi river, Galana river, kanderi swamp among others.

Activities to do around Tsavo National Park

Some of the activities to engage in when visiting Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Park include the following;

  • Game drives

Tourists visiting Tsavo National Park can enjoy full-day game drives and also explore the national park during morning and afternoon game drives in search of the various wildlife species found at the destination.

Some of the best places to see the wildlife species of Tsavo National Park during game drives include around Voi River and the Aruba Dam where many wildlife species gather to drink making them easy to see during safaris around the destination.

Tsavo West National Park
Tsavo West National Park
  • Bird watching

Over 500 bird species can be spotted during tours around Tsavo National Park and some of the bird species include African Skimmer, Palm-nut Vultures, and many others.

  • Nature walks

Viewing wildlife species while exploring Tsavo National Park on foot is another exciting activity done around the destination.

Best time to visit Tsavo National Park

Tours around Tsavo National Park can take place during the dry season as well as in the rainy season while on safaris in Kenya.

The dry season from June to October and in January and February is a time of the year that is considered the best for wildlife viewing around Tsavo National Park.

How to get to Tsavo National Park

The drive from Nairobi to Tsavo National Park takes about 5 hours through Mtito Andei Gate. The other access routes include Chyulu Gate for those traveling from Amboseli, and Tsavo Gate near Manyani for visitors traveling from Mombasa. The park can also be accessed via Taveta Voi road through Mkatau.

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