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Volcanoes National Park

Experience the wonder of gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s montane park for $1,500. It may seem pricey, but the one hour spent with these majestic creatures is priceless. The hike itself can take 2-6 hours, with challenging terrain and beautiful scenery. Witnessing a gorilla family in their natural habitat is an incredible honor that will leave a lasting impression. Remember to dress appropriately, avoiding bright colors that may confuse the gorillas. Volcanoes National Park also offers other nature walks, birding safaris, and the thrilling golden monkey trek.

The cost for gorilla trekking in this montane park of Rwanda is $1,500. This is certainly not cheap considering that the one hour you spend with these wonderful gentle giants whizzes by in a flash. However, this quality time is totally worth all the expense and effort.  An experience you’ll never forget.

The hike to see them generally takes between 2-6 hours during which you will have a good balance of gentle walks and tough encounters that require some hard work. Brace yourself for steep, muddy climbs on indiscernible trails. To make it through, the ranger will frequently through the vines, shrubs and thorns.

One of the main highlights of the adventure is when a family of gorillas allows you to enter their territory for a quiet observation of their behaviors and features. It’s the ultimate honour! Forget about the so many exhilarating adventures you have heard about, this meaningful encounter with the guardian silverback and his family is an experience that makes the hairs on the back of one’s neck stand up every time.

It is advisable not to wear clothes with shouting colours as it puzzles them, especially red, a colour they relate with bloodshed. 

Volcanoes National Park

Beyond offering travellers, a chance to chill with our distant relatives, the apes, Volcanoes also offers a wide selection of picturesque nature walks and half-day birding safaris. Altogether, the park prides in having over 180 bird species, 1,050 plant and 85 mammal species. The golden monkey trek here is also worth a special mention. All your six senses will come alive during the half adventure as there is so much to see, feel, touch and smell in the parks four vegetation zones.

One could employ porters to help with the trek, which provides income to members of the community that has been relocated away from the gorillas.

Better still, in the event that you wish to have a hustle free experience, we can make things simpler by arranging for you to be transferred by them using a stretcher chair right from the start of your adventure to the point of interest and back to the starting point where you will find our driver ready to transfer you back to the lodge. In turn, this will halve your duration of the gorilla trekking from an average of 7 hours to 4 hours inclusive of the one hour you will be with the apes. The case in chimpanzee trekking at Nyungwe National Park isn’t any different. That said, kindly note that this service attracts a charge of about $25 for each of the four porters needed for the task.

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